Become an Accountable Coach  Wednesday, March 29 , 2017


One of your most important tasks is teaching your coaching clients to hold themselves accountable.


First, you need to do it.


Think back to journey that lead you to this industry at this time. What convinced you that this was your life’s work? Most likely it was to HELP others succeed. Contrary to popular belief, the best coaches are NOT the ones who are excited about helping clients to become their best.


The BEST Coaches  are the ONES who have a SYSTEM to TEACH Clients how to hold themselves Accountable to Master the Change they strive to make.

The number one way to do this?

Make them comfortable with Accountable.

Anyone can set a goal. Anyone can dream big. As a coach you know what most people are missing? The follow-through. The whole notion of what 99% of coaches think they are there for is bullshit. Your client hired you not just for ‘advice’ on something but for the follow through to make the change. The path to success isn’t the time spent with you, its the time they spend on self mastery of the skill you are teaching them. So it boils down to the self discipline to practice what you’ve taught them and apply it. Becoming accountable is a skill.


Become the coach who makes the forceful stance on Accountability and you have the #1 Tool for their success!


5 Basics for Becoming an Accountable Coach


1) No Goal Goes UnMeasured! Plenty of people set goals, but not all people set them well. The first way to teach your clients accountability and follow-through is to help set clear, measurable goals. Just saying, “I want more business” is too vague. But saying, “I want to increase my lead generation by 20% each month” is specific and therefore easier to meet. After you do this, you have to MEASURE it. This is bullshit too. What EXACT steps are you going to have them take, to increase that business?


2) Say what you mean and mean what you say. This is an oft-used maxim in parenting, most professionals don’t use it enough. As the coach you set the example for accountability. Use specific language and avoid vagaries. When you say you will do something, do it. Then measure it. Accountability is a habit learned. It requires personal integrity and honesty. Change happens when the A-HA! about what’s in the way – happens. Accountability is the fastest way to confront the change that needs to happen.


3) Keep on top of the billing. Money is a huge motivator. Make sure you are billing your clients predictably and they are paying you on time. Nothing says accountable like paying the bills. If you aren’t measuring success, or their struggle, this can back fire and you lose a client.  When you have a system in place to measure their progress, you create value for your service. People pay for value.


4) Effective time management. Time is another finite resource. Many of us don’t spend our time wisely. Teach your clients learn to manage their time as efficiently, and account for it, and they will thank you with their dollars.


5) Teach them the importance of the follow-through. The old saw ‘The Fortunes are in the Follow Through’ is as true today as any in use. The reality comes down to mastering the skills needed to complete the follow through. For a baseball player, many people would start barking about ‘follow-through starts with the correct body position….’ That is bullshit. It starts with getting enough sleep the night before, and having the self discipline to get your ass out of bed in the morning to your morning work out where you set the ball on a tee 250 times. Each time concentrating on getting to the EXACT place where you’ll make the best connection and drive the ball. It’s the same everywhere: follow-through is about the whole process, not one particular part.


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