The Importance of Personal Accountability to your Coaching Practice.  Wednesday, March 29 , 2017

The Importance of Personal Accountability in your Coaching Practice

Winning starts with Beginning….

As a professional who helps others conquer a life challenge, or improve themselves, one of the hardest parts of your job is to get your clients to adhere to the program 24 hours a day when they aren’t with you. How great would our client’s results be if we could be coaching them 24/7 to make sure they stay on track?  Not that great, I’d venture to guess.


Because they’d get sick of you.

So how do we make sure our clients stay on track when they aren’t with us? We don’t. Your clients will get the best results WHEN YOU TEACH THEM THE SKILL OF HOLDING THEMSELVES ACCOUNTABLE!

Get that through your thick skulls people!

Educate Them on the importance of Personal Accountability – The more educated and informed our clients are about how, what, and when, and most importantly the “why” behind it all, the better results they will get. Great coaches, trainers, doctors, and therapists know how to move their clients INTO their DISCOMFORT ZONE.
Spend time in the beginning with each client educating them on the basics of becoming comfortable with failure. That’s heresy in this world, but the reality is, we must fail to succeed. Failure will reap dividends in the future. It breeds the honesty each of us need to tackle the demons standing in the way of our success.


As your clients become comfortable planning their day, and logging their results, the AHA! moments will come faster.


The Benefits of Logging in – The best way I’ve found to keep your clients on track with a program of change is to use logging. This is helpful in numerous ways. First, we all under and overestimate everything. Tracking eliminates this problem. Creating the habit of logging helps them see what they really are accomplishing, daily. Second, when someone is logging they WILL think twice about doing THAT THING, because they must “face the music” and log it.


The Benefit of Cheating – I hear it all the time, but what if they cheat? It’s ok, because that’s the ‘failure’ they must work out for themselves. Cheating should be embraced. It allows you to help them get to the ROOT CAUSE to defeat the demon in the path to their desired result. When they trust you with their cheating, your ability to motivate, and support their struggle to master the new change is exponential. Not only did you teach them the SKILL, you got them to slay the demon.


Lastly, daily logs TEACH THEM the self-discovery needed to adjust as the weeks and months go on. This SKILL keeps them moving towards their goals. When you add a personal accountability app into your practice like MeasureUP! you take a powerful stance. IT’s ON YOU!


Enrolling your client into a personal accountability coaching app like MeasureUP! is a gut check for them.

It tells them YOU are serious.

Many prospects aren’t ready to make the change, put in the time, and master it. When they fail, you fail. It is a waste of your time you can deliver to someone else. Also, many great professionals take the blame. Well he or she didn’t do a thing for me. Better they recognize they aren’t ready, than have them bad mouthing you.


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